My (Sensitive) Skincare Trial



As someone who has always suffered with problem skin way beyond the expected teenage years, I was very excited to try the new LeRêve Skincare range when it was launched recently. Full disclosure – I’m an employee of the Company so I got the inside scoop on everything before it went public!

I eagerly ordered a full set of Skincare and couldn’t wait to try it. The variety in choice of Serums sounded perfect and after reluctantly admitting to myself that I am no longer a spring chicken, I opted for the Intensive Age-Reducing Super Serum, hopeful of an anti-ageing miracle.

As soon as I received my products, I began my new daily Skincare ritual, which to be honest had been something of a hit and miss for me over the years. I was desperate to see an improvement if I stuck to something long term, so from the outset, I used the complete set of five products – Cleanser, Exfoliator, Face Serum, Eye Serum and Hydrator. My favourite product initially was the Foam Cleanser which made my face feel fresh and squeaky clean, with an aroma which I didn’t find too overpowering.

Everything was going really well to begin with, however after two weeks, my skin began breaking out. I started using more and more make-up to try and cover the red pimples! Totally disheartened, I put the products aside. The following week, I overheard some of the girls in our office discussing our new Skincare range and how much they were loving it. I couldn’t help but confess to what I thought was another failure for me. As with many things in life, I believe that not everything is suited to everyone, so I had resigned myself to thinking that I was just one of the unlucky ones when it came to this superb new Skincare range. My confession led to my spotty skin being the centre of attention at the office that day. Not quite what I had envisaged when all I wanted to do was hide my face in a corner and not be noticed!

Having shared my honest comments, I was then asked by the product team if I would be prepared to conduct a trial, approaching things a little differently. I was apprehensive but agreed and went back to using the new LeRêve Skincare range. This time however, there was one major difference… I was asked not to introduce all the products at the same time, but instead to add one at a time, a week apart. I started with the Cleanser and used it for one week with no other Skincare product. Then I introduced the Hydrator – so far so good. Next up was the Face Serum, followed by the Eye Serum. Lucky last was the most active product in the range, the Exfoliator.  

As each week passed by, I was delighted to report that there were no new breakouts. In fact, my skin felt really good – better than ever! Maybe if I had used the products in this way from the start (instead of being impatient and eager to see instant results) I may have avoided the breakout episode, but who was to know what would work best for me?

If you have sensitive skin like me, and are worried about a skin breakout when changing to a whole new beauty ritual, why not learn from my story and introduce the products one week at a time? The gradual transition method worked best for me and might make the difference for you too.

Whilst I remain jealous of anyone who can change up their products without any initial adverse results, at least we can all benefit from these ground-breaking new Skincare products.   

This story was written by Nikki, a customer service extraordinaire who loves living a fast-paced outdoor lifestyle, pounding a netball court or soccer field in search of a win and regular date nights watching live music or a good show!


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