7 Reasons Why We Love Rollerballs



Parfum Rollerballs are the cute little sister version of our large Parfum 50mLs, available exclusively in our LeRêve Creatives range. Here are seven reasons we love LeRêve Rollerballs…

They Target Pulse Points
Parfum Rollerballs are a unique perfume delivery system that allows you to apply fragrance with extreme precision. Exactly where you want to put the liquid on your skin is exactly where you roll it on. It’s good to target pulse points such as your wrists, inner elbows, neck and décolletage. Roll as little or as much as you like, where you like.

They’re Portable
Going somewhere? Rollerballs are ideal for travel because they’re easily transportable. Small enough to fit in your handbag, you can throw three Rollerballs in and you’ll have just as many fragrance options as outfits for your getaway. Even if you’re just going out for a day, slip one in your handbag to freshen your fragrance whenever you like.



You Can Mix & Match
There are eight different Parfum Rollerball fragrances in the LeRêve Creatives range for you to try. Not only is it easy and fun to collect all eight, but you can then experiment with combining multiple fragrances to create your own personal scent. Try Vanillatrope Intense with Tiare Tropique or blend a little Neroli Sugarpop with Peach Pearsecco.

They’re Strong
If you’ve worn our perfume before, you already know this... Our fragrances are all produced in highly concentrated Parfum – stronger and longer lasting than diluted products such as eau de parfum and eau de toilette. When you purchase a bottle of LeRêve Parfum, you’re investing in the world’s finest quality personal fragrance.  

They’re Excellent Value
Despite offering premium parfum, we don’t charge premium parfum prices. A Parfum Rollerball 15mL from LeRêve will set you back just $33.50 AUD | $37.50 NZD. That’s so much better value than parfums from designer brands which start at around $150 for a 5mL bottle and can retail for as much as $1000+ for a 15mL bottle. Crazy but true!

Or They’re Free
You can buy a Rollerball from LeRêve… or you can qualify for a free bottle! Every time you place a retail order for $100 or more, we’ll give you a free Parfum Rollerball of your choice. Spend $200 and we’ll give you two. Spend $300 and we’ll give you… you get the idea. Our Free Gifts with Purchase program rewards all our valued customers with Free Parfum.

Try Before You Buy
If you sample a LeRêve fragrance that you think you really like but you’re not sure about taking the plunge on a full-sized bottle, grab a Rollerball instead – perhaps as a Free Gift with Purchase. Once you’ve worn it for several days, you’ll know if it’s a perfect scent match for you. When the Rollerball runs dry you can then order a larger bottle.



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