7 Skincare Tips from Dermatologists



First impressions matter, and your beautiful face is the first thing that is presented to the people you meet. Whether you take a minimal approach when it comes to your beauty routine or like to invest more time and effort, one thing remains universal across the board; we all would like to have radiant, healthy skin.


Although it seems there is a new skincare ‘fad’ every month, most skincare advice is timeless. Here is a compilation of advice from dermatologists around the globe that will help you achieve glowing skin that will help you look good and feel great.


  1. Drink Plenty of Water

    Every skin expert seems to emphasise the importance of hydration for the skin. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and is made up mostly of water. Your body loses water through the day and this needs to be replenished to avoid wrinkles and/or dry, flaky skin. An average size person should be drinking at least two litres of water a day to stay hydrated so keep your water bottle handy and sip at regular intervals.




  1. Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is another basic necessity which will help your skin look and feel great. Not getting enough hours of shut eye can accelerate the ageing process, leaving your skin dull, dehydrated and with more pronounced fine lines. You could also develop those dark, puffy circles under your eyes. There is a reason it is called ‘beauty sleep’. Bonus sleep tip – regularly wash your bed sheets and pillowcase so your face has a clean place to rest.



  1. The Sun is NOT Your Friend

    All skin professionals stress that the sun is damaging to your skin. The majority of fine lines are actually caused by sun exposure. We all need our Vitamin D, but you need to protect your skin from UV rays which will accelerate the ageing process. So wear a hat, sunglasses and for the sake of your gorgeous face, wear sunscreen. No matter if it is sunny, overcast or raining – every time you step outside, make sure you have sunscreen on your face.



  1. Drink Your Greens!

    This is a tip that some experts swear by. Drinking a green juice or smoothie each day will help oxygenate your skin and stimulate lymphatic drainage (it will de-puff you). When making your smoothie, it’s important to include more vegetables than fruit and to blend it whole; don’t extract the juice and throw away the pulp. We LOVE green drinks at LeRêve! If you don’t like the taste of a liquid green drink, be sure to add avocado and lots of green veggies into your daily diet.



  1. Wash Your Hands Before Your Face

    Before cleaning your face, make sure your hands are clean. Avoid touching your face during the day because your fingertips will transfer oil, dirt and unwanted bacteria. Also clean your makeup brushes regularly – and anything else that touches your face.



  1. Adopt a Beauty Ritual with Great Skincare

    Looking after your skin morning and night will help transform it to its healthiest, most vibrant self. Always care for the skin on your face and neck with high quality products with potent ingredients so you get real results. The majority of dermatologists seem to agree on the five most important skincare products: A cleanser, toner, exfoliator, a serum (or range of serums) and a hydrator. It’s no surprise that our LeRêve range follows this format – and our Cleanser also acts as a toner to save you a step! That’s why these products make up the base of our selection. Check out our recommended Personalised Beauty Ritual here.



  1. Treat yourself to a Facial

    A facial is a great way to pamper your skin, leaving it feeling cleaner, softer, younger and more vibrant. They are great for clogged pores, hydration and to remove dead skin cells. And let’s face it – they feel amazing! You can book in with a professional or enjoy a DIY Facial at home. Make it a luxury experience – lock yourself away from the kids, spend time nourishing your skin and end with a bubble bath filled with a de-stressing essential oil blend. There’s a great plan for Friday night!




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