Lavender - the Oil that Started it All



Ask an aromatherapist which Essential Oil should be the 'first addition to every medicine cupboard and essential oil kit’  and they will likely say it’s Lavender.


Lavender Pure Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia) is perhaps the most versatile and widely used oil in aromatherapy and has long been enjoyed for its abundant healing properties and sumptuous scent, popular for its healing effects on the mind, body and spirit.

With many uses ranging from beauty products to medicine, history shows us that Lavender is more than just a pretty flower. The word ‘Lavender’ derives its name from the Latin 'lavare' meaning 'to wash'. Think of soaking in a sublimely peaceful bath with the calm and tranquil scent of cleansing Lavender enveloping you, nourishing your skin and relaxing the mind. Lavare... Lavender. It's a nice fit!



So how does this super versatile Essential Oil make us feel?   


The soothing and calming effects of Lavender Pure Essential Oil will spring to mind for many. It is also beneficial for relief of symptoms associated with menstrual cramps, nausea, colic, colds and flu, headaches, insomnia, anxiety’s catarrh and congestion. Its warming qualities may aid with pain associated with varicose veins and aching joints. Applied topically, Lavender assists with the treatment of skin inflammations and irritation including mild sunburn, eczema and dry skin conditions, plus it helps the skin to retain its softness and suppleness. It is a handy insect repellent with potent antibacterial and anti-fungal effects.

Lavender is a superstar of the Aromatherapy world with a piercing floral scent that is beloved by many.



What's the history behind this healing Essential Oil and how is it extracted into essential oil?


Lavender is an evergreen shrub with flowers ranging from pink to purple and white. Its origin is believed to be from the Mediterranean, Russia, Middle East and India, with a long history of use traced back over 2500 years. French Lavender is particularly prized today, while the purple farms dotted around Tasmania are a joy to behold. Lavender Essential Oil is extracted by a steam distillation process, in which the flowering tops (stems and flowers) are put into a large volume vessel and steamed. The steam is captured, and the oil is separated and collected from the water.

In 1910, French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse discovered the virtues of Lavender Essential Oil. Gattefosse badly burned his hands during an experiment in a perfumery plant and used Lavender Oil immediately to treat the burn. He was amazed at how quickly his burn healed and with very little scarring. This accident inspired him to conduct more research and experiments using essential oils. Now known as the godfather of Aromatherapy, Gattefosse went on to publish the landmark book 'Aromatherapie' which was the first appearance of the word 'Aromatherapy' in print. Lavender Oil started it all!



Spiritual Attainment

Lavender nurtures creativity and self-expression and is the universal healing oil for the seven major chakras, helping bring them into balance. It is associated with the third-eye chakra whose attributes include intuition, imagination, visualisation, and concentration.



Lavender is a powerful Essential Oil used on its own, and can even be used neat, but it also blends particularly well with every other Essential Oil in our range. It's super versatile.



Look for the AUST L 


LeRêve has been a market leader in Aromatherapy for more than 25 years. When you purchase a LeRêve Pure Essential Oil – single or blend – you’re investing in the very best. Our Essential Oils are 100% natural, sourced from plants grown in pristine environments and extracted to retain the highest levels of aromatic and therapeutic constituents. 



FACT – Essential Oils that do not have an Aust L number printed on the carton and label, are not guaranteed to be pure and free of synthetics, and are cosmetic in nature with no therapeutic benefits.

Every LeRêve Pure Essential Oil and Oil Blend is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) and is manufactured according to a strict code of Good Manufacturing Practice, guaranteeing the purity of our premium grade oils.  



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