My 21-Day Detox with Essential Oils



Like so many other Victorian residents, I went in and out of lockdowns for the majority of 2020 and 2021. The constant flip-flopping and uncertainty, the inability to make any plans, plus the added burden of home-schooling, left me feeling overwhelmed, flat, exhausted and emotional. Can you relate? 

I decided I could either continue on this path of feeling worse by the day or try something different to alter my mindset and give my emotions a positive boost. 

After speaking with my friend and business leader in LeRêve, she suggested trying LeRêve’s 21-day Emotional Lift detox. 

This is a simple program recommended by LeRêve to balance your energy centres (otherwise known as chakras). I had been using the Emotional Lift Roll Ons for a long time – and absolutely love them – but I’d never followed the detox program. I wasn’t sure if it would help, but I figured if I didn't give it a go, I would never know. 

The program consisted of a 3-day application per Roll On, each targeting a different chakra, starting with Secure & Content Roll On for the Root Chakra. The full program goes in this order:




Apply Secure & Content Roll On to your lower back, just above the tailbone. This is your root chakra. I often suffer with sciatica and lower back pain which is associated with the root chakra being unbalanced. Throughout the day, reapply to the same area of put it on your wrists. Then at night, reapply to your lower back and the soles of your feet. Did you know that the feet is one of the quickest entry point for oils to penetrate into your bloodstream? 



Apply Creative & Sensual Roll On to your lower tummy, just under the navel. This is the sacral chakra. I am a musician and a very creative person. If you're craving creativity, it's a sign the sacral chakra could be imbalanced. Apply as often as needed.



Apply Confident & Calm Roll On to the upper tummy area. This is the solar plexus chakra. Anxiety and stress tend to cause disruption to your stomach and bowel. If you're feeling those butterflies in there, then it's time to rebalance the solar plexus chakra. Apply as often as needed. I love to apply this one on the palms of my hands and breathe it in.



This is my favourite Emotional Lift Blend! Apply Loveing & Joyful to the centre of your chest. This is your heart chakra. Sometimes we just need a hug and some love. This is how Loving & Joyful feels to me - and it smells divine. Apply as often as needed. 



Apply Expressive & Receptive to the centre of your throat. This is the throat chakra. Ever felt like you haven't been heard? Maybe you've interpreted something differently to someone else? Apply this Roll On and before you know it, the right words will start rolling off your tongue! Apply as often as needed.



Thinking, thinking, thinking. Apply Intuitive & Wise above the eyebrow in the centre of your forehead. This is your brow or third eye chakra. This Roll On is perfect for changing your mindset and seeing things more clearly in your mind.



Apply Connected & Purposeful to the crown of your head (or centre top area of your head). This is your crown chakra. If you have been feeling a little lost and are looking for perspective, this Blend will be your new best friend.



I applied the specific Roll On each morning and night for the three days, then switched to the next one. I chose to do a daily video diary on how I felt and if I noticed any change. Some days I would share my video on my Facebook page to keep me accountable and show my friends and family what I was up to. I stuck to the full program and was amazed by the end results (and ongoing results since). 

On day 1 I felt like I had no plan, low energy and zero motivation. By day 21, I’d experienced a complete turnaround in my mindset and physical health. I now felt as though I could achieve anything. It brought me back to how I used to feel before the lockdowns. It lifted me up!

I learned years ago to "Be the sunshine and the rainbow after the rain". 

I believe that how we react to what life throws at us determines how we feel and how others who interact with us feel too. LeRêve’s Emotional Lift products help bring the sunshine and rainbows!


Nicole Matthews,
LeRêve Director from Victoria

Try the LeRêve 21-day detox program using our Emotional Lift Blends and/or Emotional Lift Roll Ons.



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