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Fragrance is called the invisible influencer. Scent appeal is subconscious. The sense of smell is the only one of the five senses that immediately registers information in the limbic system, rimming the cortex of the brain. The other senses pass through a relay system before reaching the intellect part of the brain.

Human emotional response to smell is very sensitive, strong and subjective. The psychological effect of a remembered smell can have a direct bearing on human behaviour and decision making. Recent research indicates that there is a very strong link between sense of smell and interpersonal ‘chemistry’. We seem to be attracted to people whose smell appeals to our subconscious!

This is why perfume is the ultimate accessory. It is mysterious and emotional. Fragrance is an undeniable force in our lives. It can heal, it can calm and evoke the senses. Our choice of perfumes, and where and when we wear them, speaks volumes about ourselves and our perception of self.

The human nose is a very delicate mechanism. When the nose has been exposed to a certain smell for a while, the odour becomes ‘turned off’. This is a protective mechanism against offensive odours and is called olfactory fatigue (nose fatigue). This reduces our ability to smell the perfume we are wearing, and could lead to applying too much perfume too often.

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