What is an Ioniser?



Ions are all around us and affect the way we think and feel. 

Negative ions are abundant in natural settings where waterfalls are thought to be the greatest producers of negative ions. Plants produce negative ions particularly when exposed to intense light.

Positive ions are produced by electronic devices such as computers, televisions and microwaves.

Create a healthy home by recreating the healing benefits of oceans and trees with the LeRêve Ultrasonic Diffuser, a 4-in-1 Aroma accessory that produces negative ions indoors. An Ioniser may also be known as a Salt Lamp.

The LeRêve Ultrasonic Diffuser combines four features:

  1. Essential oil diffuser – diffuses essential oil molecules in their purest form for inhalation
  2. Air purifier – releases anions, which combat dust and air impurities, to assist healthy breathing
  3. Ioniser – creates negative ions, which protect against germs and increase oxygen to the brain
  4. Humidifier – disperses moisture in the air to counter drying effects of air-conditioning


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