Why I Love Aromatherapy



I grew up in Tonga and my parents would always give me natural Tongan medicine to treat any health issues. I think it’s the same with all of us Islanders, we use the natural island medicines when we are sick.

When I was first introduced to the LeRêve Aromatherapy range, I didn’t realise that it is very similar to the natural medicines we had in the Islands growing up. But it’s actually much better, because the ‘palangi’ people who produce the Aromatherapy oils use much better methods! It is safer and easier to understand than the traditional Island remedies. Now we know which oil can be used for which disease.  

I have always suffered from asthma and I used to always use a ventolin puffer. One day I couldn’t find my puffer, but instead of racing to the hospital emergency room, I decided to try Essential Oils to give me relief. I put some oil drops on a tissue and inhaled it. I used a blend suggested for asthma. It worked! I kept on using this blend and then I started to realise I had gone for more than two months without using my puffer. My doctor said I have to use it every day, but now I don’t use my puffer at all. In fact, I don’t even carry a puffer anymore because I always use the oils.

After that experience, I ordered a full set of LeRêve Essential Oils to see what else worked. To my surprise, the Oils were all amazing. I have a lot of health issues and the Oils are helping in many ways. I hate using lots of medication but now the Oils have replaced my medication.

Rescue Me Blend replaced my Panadol. Muscle Recovery has helped my arthritis. These Blends are easy to use and I don’t have to worry if the dosage is exact or not. I can apply the Oils anytime in any amounts. Best of all, it’s healing my body without any side effects. I use it for myself and for my husband and children too. Everyone loves using the Oils!  

I know with our people we grew up with our Tongan medicine and even now in Australia when my kids and I get sick my mum still sends medicine from Tonga. But the good news is that we don’t need to call Tonga for the natural medicine, we have it here in Australia from LeRêve. It’s safe and available all the time for us.

Ofa atu… Sela from Sydney.





Please note, the experiences shared in this testimonial are not intended as recommendations. They are simply the experience of the author. When using LeRêve Aromatherapy, always observe the safety precautions provided with the products.


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